Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Photos Officer Darren Wilson after Michael Brown shooting

Where are the bruises and cuts he was supposed to have?

Where are the signs of a fight?



Bob Slatten said...

He does have what appears to be the beginnings of a bruise on his face.

What he doesn't have is bullets in his body like Michael Brown.

Fists or guns. Which is the more dangerous.

Ralph D said...

I know Darren and he was a good officer who rightly defended himself against a wreckless thug. He's a strong good looking big guy, 6'4", and although you can't tell from the baggy T shirt, he's got a really buff physique, all muscle with a tatoo on his back. He could have kicked the ass of a big fat guy like Brown if he hadn't been attacked and injured while sitting in his patrol car.

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