Tuesday, November 18, 2014

WATCH: Three Hours of Walking In NYC as a Gay Man

Following the trend of the female experience, YouTuber Dennis Cee dressed up as stereotypically gay guy and walked the streets of New York

This is what happened


Hun†ress said...

Dang. I had a feeling there would be harrassment, but not like that. Maybe because of the 'hood I'm in?

The crazy part of the video was the guy with the full blown purse offering to show the guy with the VS shopping bag how to be a real man.

Did you see the gold digger clip by the same YouTuber? That one was worth a look, too.

lucifer' place said...

I can tell you with great certainty this would not have happened to me with out someone getting fucked up.

Not all gays are cowards and many gays don't play....ya feel me ?

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