Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ferguson October: The Protest over Racial Injustice

This is a pic from Ferguson October, a protest over the death of Michael Brown and why Officer Darren Wilson is still free.

From HuffPo:
Emily Williams, 30, a social justice educator from Chicago, says she came to Ferguson October because she feels it’s important to stand up for racial injustice.
“This is not just a problem for black communities,” said Williams. "Everyone needs to stand up for a better country and for justice in this society because American influence is causing violence in other parts of the world."

A 40-year-old woman who gave her name as Suzy Subways and said she was a freelance editor from Philadelphia attended the Ferguson October rally by herself, although she did not travel to St. Louis alone.

“My family is actually at the hotel across the street,” she said. "They don’t agree with my views and prefer to live in their white rich bubble." She says through her 25 years of activism she has never been as encouraged as she was after seeing the young leaders take the stage.

“It’s really encouraging to see the energy that’s out here and see the young people really get involved. It really gives me heart," she said. "This is the beginning of something, not the end.”

In the evening hours, protesters gathered back in Ferguson, marching from the street where Michael Brown died to the Ferguson Police station on the other side of town.
This is a three day event and I hope it will stay a peaceful one.

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