Wednesday, January 9, 2013

National Stonewall Democrats goes ‘on Hiatus’

Interesting news, gang.

The National Stonewall Democrats is going on a break.

The organization suspended operations last week, but plans to come back in 2014.
Dallas Voice talked to Executive Director Jerame Davis about the changes:
“A lot of decisions are being made,” Davis told the Voice. “It’s likely our office will be closed for most of this year.”
Davis continues to work as an unpaid volunteer and will use the current office in Washington, D.C., at least through the end of the month. 
Local and state chapters will continue to operate normally. Stonewall Democrats of Dallas President Omar Narvaez said his group’s regular monthly meeting is Jan 15. He described the Stonewall as very grassroots, operating from the bottom up, and said locally nothing will change. 
In an email to members in early December, Davis warned the organization was facing a $30,000 deficit and might be forced to close if the money was not raised.
Davis became executive director of National Stonewall Democrats in December 2011 and inherited the organization’s debt. 
“We’ve never raised enough money out of dues alone to keep the organization going,” he said. 
Most memberships come from the local Stonewall organizations. When a member pays dues to the local group, $10 is passed along to national. Davis said some groups are not passing along membership money.
I hope this temporary, we nee this group for the long haul. By 2014, I'm sure they will be back on track

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Bob said...

Hopefully it will be just a hiatus.

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