Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ted Olson coaches Paul Ryan for the VP Debate

One half the Prop 8 federal case team is actually coaching Paul Ryan for the VP debate. Ted Olson has been helping Paul get ready to face Joe Biden.

CBS News reports:
Olson has already participated in a debate preparation session with Ryan, the campaign said, but they would not disclose the location. Ryan spent his first full day preparing for the Oct. 11 vice presidential debates last Sunday in Oregon).

"Joe Biden has been in elected office for more than 40 years. There are few people in politics with more experience debating the issues than Joe Biden, so we are taking this process seriously. Mr. Olson is one of the most skilled, intelligent, and successful litigators in America - just the kind of opponent needed to prepare the congressman for Mr. Biden," said Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck.
How do you feel about one of the gay rights champions, helping the enemy? Let me know what you think.


Bob said...

Maybe he might educate him so that when he loses--both jobs he's running for--in November, he'll go back to private life a better human being.

Robbie said...

Ted Olson has always been a conservative, so I'm actually more surprised he took our side in the Prop 8 battle than him helping Lyin' Ryan with his debating skills.

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