Wednesday, August 1, 2012

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy thinks the GOP should fight to keep DOMA Alive

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy has seen the writing on the wall. After judges continue to strike down pieces and parts of DOMA, and the DOJ has stopped defending it; this fool still thinks the GOP should put up the good fight.
"What transpired for the House to be engaged, it's not the subject itself, but the idea that the government ... can decide, even though something's law, what to uphold and what not to," McCarthy said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with reporters.Notably, throughout his argument, McCarthy never once defended the actual ban on marriage equality. Instead, he emphasized again the importance of upholding laws that are in place. 
"The rule of law keeps America strong. When you break down the rule of law, you break down society. So the idea that the House defends what becomes law is ... very responsible," he said. There can't be a system where "somebody decides, 'Well, that's law, but I just don't like it.' It doesn't matter what the issue is. We have a court system. We have a rule of law we go through. And I think you have to go through the system." 
Pressed on whether that means Republican leaders are prepared to keep getting involved in more court cases concerning DOMA, McCarthy signaled yes. 
"I think there's a responsibility on behalf of Americans to defend the rule of law," he said. "We have to go through it. We have a check and balance. We have a system ... Otherwise, if that's the case, what law is really law? It goes to every other subject."
With jobs and economy being the topics of interest, why is he trying to fight this fight? It's already a losing battle. Just surrender, Kevin.


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truthspew said...

And it is interesting that a sitting member of congress has no idea the real reason we have the judiciary. It's to make sure the congress doesn't overstep its own boundaries.

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