Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Study: The Phrase 'That's So Gay' Hurts

In a new study on college students, the phrase “that’s so gay” proved to be hostile and harmful.

Researchers learned this info through a survey among 114 gay, lesbian and bisexual students between the ages of 18 to 25. They reprted their reactions to the phrase for over a year.

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Data suggests gay, lesbian and bisexual college students who heard “that’s so gay” more frequently were more likely to report feeling isolated and to suffer negative health symptoms, such as headaches, poor appetite or eating problems.

Practically every respondent reported hearing “that’s so gay” on campus at least once in the past 12 months. Nearly half of the students said they’ve heard the phrase more than 10 times within the year. Only 14 respondents—or 13 percent—hadn’t heard it at all.

Hearing the phrase more often was found to increase students’ risk of health problems and feelings of isolation.
Wow, the effects of that phrase alone can do this? We really have some work to do.



K. Clark said...

The phrase doesn't make me ill, but it is irritating. Most of the people who utter it wouldn't be caught dead saying "that's so black" (though "that's ghetto" comes close) or "that's jewish."

Marona said...

"That's so black" just doesn't make sense contextually. So of course "that's ghetto" is the more appropriate phrase, and people use it quite a bit. But we know what it means. And as far as I know "that's Jewish" doesn't make sense either, but there's other things people can say that would be derogatory/damaging toward Jewish people's sense of self and identity. Anyway, this study isn't to say that all gay people feel similarly but some gay people will in fact internalize such a phrase, like any minority might in a similar situation, and it can contribute to a lot things. But it's just one thing. This study is only focusing on this single factor. I think it's the use of such language plus a plethora of other things that cause people of minority status to generally have poorer health, shorter life-span, etc., compared to people who are more privileged.

I feel I've been around enough white people to know that at least if you're the only minority they know stuff like "nigga this nigga that," "that's so ghetto" will fly out of their mouths with a quickness.

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