Monday, November 3, 2014

Needing more from Work

Since I left Student Affairs, I find myself missing it. Mostly, I miss making a difference in someone's life. I enjoyed helping and engaging students, something about being there in the biggest parts in their lives meant something to me. I mean, I'm glad I left Residential Life, but I kind of want to get back into developing and engaging people.

My new job doesn't allow me to anything close to it. I'm just doing basic stuff right now and to be honest, it's not the business. I realized this weekend that maybe I should find something that will truly feed my creative and developing side. Although, I was done with my USC job, I still got something out of it.

So, I'm going to look for something that feeds my heart and soul

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Hun†ress said...

There are few things worse in life for a creative soul than to have a job suck the energy and creative juices out of you. That's why I stopped writing several years ago and haven't picked it up since.

Good luck with the job search and I hope the next one is a better fit.

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