Monday, March 31, 2014

Random Rant

The weekend goes by so fast... I need another couple of days!

Sometimes, I need a week of nothing to do. A few days of watching the 'Homewives' and sitting around the apartment. Work is so blah, so I hope a new job with shake me out of this funk.

I'm tired of wearing a tie and dress pants. I got cute jeans, 15 pairs in fact. I want to wear them sometimes!

I feel like I'm buying more dress clothes than fun clothes.... Yeah, this rant is all over the place. Just proof that I need a change in careers.

I will make this happen soon.

1 comment:

The Huntress said...

Hang in there. I felt the same way about work until I was allowed to work from home. Even though it's the same job, it feels so much different.

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