Friday, October 25, 2013

Universal Studios kills their problematic Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure

Folks around here loves them some Universal Studios' "Halloween Horror Nights." But their messy ass show called "Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure," didn't receive the same kind of love.

This show was packed with homophobic, rapey jokes, racist stereotypes, and the infamous gay fairy Superman. Well, after a lot of complaints and GLAAD's golden touch, the show is dead. A spokesperson from Universal Studios didn't think the show would cause any problems, but seriously... With everything that has happened for gay rights, did they really think their show was a good idea?

Universal Studios should fire the folks involved with this mess. Nothing good has come from this and if they want to save face, an apology (and firing) is in order.


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behrmark said...

In the years I've gone, I've never walked out feeling offended. The Bill & Ted show was always a highlight.

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