Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 Guys you should NEVER Date

My friends are educating me on the men to stay away from. I've met a few of these and thankfully, my spider sense keeps me away from these guys.

But if you are curious about what kinds a guys to stay away from, I have a short list.

  1. I Never had a Prom Guys - These men didn't have a great teen life or college life, so they try to relive their 20s in their 40s. Nothing is worse than a 45-year old singing all the words to Miley's 'We Can't Stop.'
  2. F*ck-N-Forget Guys - These fools are so nice to you until you do the deal and then, they forget who you are.
  3. The Nomad Guys - They claim they are looking for someone and when they find someone, they settle in and leave... Looking for another someone.
  4. The Straight-Acting Guys - Self-Hate ain't sexy.
  5. Wishy-Washy Guys- They say they want a relationship and after you get close with them (and maybe hook-up), they're not sure if they want one anymore.


truthspew said...

What you list there clearly falls in the category of what I call the vacuous/vapid types.

Avoid at all costs.

The Huntress said...

I totally understand this list. When I thought I was a straight male (because society said so!) I was guilty of being #5 but I couldn't pin point why at the time.

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