Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New (Vague) info about Wonder Woman's Appearance in Batman vs Superman

So, we heard that WW may be in the Batman vs Superman film. A lot of this are based in rumors, but there was some more talk about it over the weekend.

Variety asked the WB president of creative development & worldwide production of Warner Bros., Greg Silverman about Diana's appearance. This is what he said:
“We have been doing a lot of thinking for years about how to best use all those characters and we love them. Wonder Woman is an amazing character. I think it’s a great opportunity both for box office success, but also to have an amazingly powerful female superhero.”
“We are taking it all very seriously and are trying to do a plan that’s respectful to those characters and maximizes the stories as best they can. So everything that has been speculated are things that we’ve thought about.”
So, we have no answer, but at least she is being talked about.

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Huntress said...

At least someone is thinking about it. Meanwhile, I'm not holding my breath for a decent Huntress after what CW did with her on Arrow.

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