Friday, February 8, 2013

From Brian Brown: SPLC is Guilty

It could have been me or my staff. That crossed my mind when I learned the deeply disturbing breaking news:

The Family Research Council shooter told the FBI he used the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate group" designation on their website to ID and target his victims for a would-be mass murder rampage.

According to the Associated Press, the shooter "also planned to target other organizations that oppose gay marriage if he wasn't stopped. [...] In his pants pocket, police found a handwritten list of groups that also oppose gay marriage."

The brave security guard, Leo Johnson, a real hero, jumped the gunman after being shot, and saved the lives of countless decent, loving law-abiding Americans... but to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Leo's a hater in a hate group.

The SPLC, once a respected civil rights organization that targeted racist skinhead hate groups bent on dehumanizing their fellow Americans, has decided that it can use the same tactics against mainstream Christian conservative organizations.

So far, according to the Associated Press, the SPLC has refused to comment on what it now knows about the damage its hate list caused.

An innocent man was shot because a killer openly and admittedly used the SPLC's list to pick out and target his victims — and SPLC has no comment?

No comment on the chilling revelation that this disturbed man, inspired by the SPLC's hate group list, walked into FRC with 50 rounds of ammo and Chick-fil-A sandwiches that he intended to smear on the mouth of each of his victims!

SPLC and the Media Must be Held Accountable

This is just a part of the email. The rest is mess

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Bob said...

But when his group brings signs to rallies with nooses on them that's okay?
Pot. Kettle. STFU.

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