Sunday, October 7, 2012

In 1969, Mr. Rogers defended PBS in the US Senate

The whole PBS issue is not new. Over 40 years ago, Mr. Rogers (from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood) appeared in front US Senate defending PBS.

In this video, watch Mr. Rogers perfectly explain the reasons why PBS is important


K. Clark said...

I'll be damned, I actually felt all warm inside after watching this.

Stan said...

Republicans have been belly aching about PBS ever since I can remember. It represents so little in the budget. They just hate anything that educates people. It's not on their agenda.

♫Musique♫ said...

PBS is important. I agree it represents a small portion of the budget. Guess the Republicans have their priorities on wealth.

Biki said...

Oh, how I miss Mr. Rodgers. What a kind and gentle soul he was.

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