Sunday, October 21, 2012

Was Terrance Wright's death a Hate Crime?

On Friday, Terrance Wright was killed during a robbery in the Chicago's South Side. However, his family believes he was killed because he was gay.

On Top magazine reports
Wright's family claims that the teen was murdered because he was openly gay.

“I believe they only did that to him because he was gay,” said Javone Wright, Terrance's 16-year-old brother.

“What they going to rob him of – his books?” rhetorically asked Wright's uncle, Tywan Bouldin, who also believes his nephew died because of his sexual orientation.

Bouldin said Terrance was bullied at school and in his neighborhood.

“They had to kill my cousin because he was gay,” said Kenyatta Rogers. “That's crazy.”

Police have yet to charge anyone with the crime.

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I hope they get to the bottom of this.


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Reggie said...

Sad and senseless. Another young life, full of promise, snuffed out before he reached his potential.

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