Friday, August 10, 2012

Coalition of African-American Pastors are funded by Hate Groups and Right-Wing Conservatives

The truth is spilling out of the cup about Rev. William Owens and his organization! The group of fools known as the Coalition of African-American Pastors are not who they say they are.

Today, the Washington Post, revealed some interesting ties to this mess. Here's the scoop:
Democrats.” But interviews and a review of tax documents reveal deep connections with the right: 
* Owens was appointed this year as the African-American liaison for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a Washington-based group opposed to same-sex marriage that has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. 

* Frank Cannon, head of the American Principles Project, a group opposed to same-sex marriage, confirms his group’s political action fund is paying public relations firm Shirley & Banister to assist CAAP’s communications strategy. 

* CAAP received loans totaling $26,000 in 2004 from the conservative Family Research Council, American Family Association and Mississippi Tea Party activist Ed Holliday, according to its IRS filings.
Yes, look at the proof! Just as guilty and filthy. CAAP has been all over the media, trying to discourage the Black community from voting. With this info at hand, it is clear who's really behind this and how easily religion is used to fuel hate.


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These splaboos are accepting funds from people that hate their black asses. WOW, WOW, WOW!

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