Saturday, November 26, 2011

T.I. shares his views on Gays and Free Speech

In the new VIBE magzine, rapper T.I. had plenty to say, including some stuff about us gays:
Man, I will say this, the funniest joke I ever heard Tracy say during a stand-up was, ‘C’mon man, I think gay people are too sensitive. If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.’ [Cracks up laughing.] That shit was funny to me. And it’s kind of true.’ 

While T.I. makes clear that he supports anyone’s sexual preference, he then connects, in his opinion, a current oversensitivity among gay people with a consequential and ironic offense of the First Amendment. “They’re like,‘If you have an opinion against us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ ... That’s not American. If you’re gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace.’
I guess he's supporting the freedom to be? What do you think?


Stan said...

I guess some of us have a thicker skin than most. There is a limit on how far one should go concerning any minority.

Anonymous said...

"If you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace."

Just as soon as I say this ridiculously stupid, ridiculously ignorant and ridiculously homophobic remark.

WilsonW said...

You should be able to against it in peace. But the people you are against shouldn't be subjected to your prejudice by means such as; votes(Prop 8, Constitutional Marriage Ammendments), job loss, housing discrimination, death threats, anti-gay violence, or bullying. Oh I being too sensitive?

K. Clark said...

I imagine T.I. wouldn't feel the way if a white comedian said "I think black people are too sensitive. If you can take a lynching, you take a joke." But people getting up in arms about a comedian saying he'd stab that lil nigga (his own son) if he were is being too sensitive I guess.

As for that whole First Amendment thing? Gurl please.

Damien Oz said...

This is why we in the Westminster system have laws against hate speect / crimes.......

Freedom has boundaries - it's called respect for humanity and a duty of care to other citizens.


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