Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FOX 25 Basically Attacks English Teacher over Porn Star Past

For some reason, FOX 25 in Boston needed to call out English teacher, Kevin Hogan over his porn star past. Kevin hasn't been charged for anything, accused of anything or done anything. So what was the point? Child, I couldn't tell you. But here is more info on this:
The school released a statement saying “We value the health and safety of our students,” and that "the school followed our normal hiring practices," which included criminal background checks in Massachusetts and California, where Hogan had been living.

Mystic Valley also said "the references we received were flawless,” and noted he was placed there by the recruiting firm Carney, Sandoe & Associates. Hogan even has a testimonial on the firm's website, where he writes, "It's amazing with your help I was able to find a school that I never thought existed."

Mystic Valley Charter School sent an e-mail to parents and staff today stressing the school’s insistence that any applicant for a position be candid and forthright about disclosing past employment positions.

This is silly! He hasn't done anything! and let's be real. Why is this really an issue? FOX 25 News needs to checked on their reasoning and purpose for this 'attack'


Bob said...

Fox has nothing better to do.

WilsonW said...

As a teacher yourself Vik, do you think this problem stems from the age of the students he's teaching, or would the same problem occur if he was teaching adults(college)?

I've seen this type of thing covered multiple times in the media and the result seems to be the same regardless of whether the teacher is male or female. Gay or straight.

Some parents don't like it and some don't care because it's personal and private. Honestly the objections seem odd when the justification is they don't want them teaching immoral things to children, but they aren't teaching "How to break into Porn" to the class. If they were then, yeah you would have a problem and a legit complaint. Otherwise how does it affect their ability to teach?

Back in the video store days I knew of teachers who worried every time they walked into that curtained back room to get something for them and their wife or husband to enjoy. For fear of a student seeing them and the possibility of that making them lose their job. Just for renting an adult video not even starring in one. How much do we get into certain people's business WAAYY too much.

Also Vik, how far can a school go with morality clauses? What can they stipulate? Is there some standard used across the board with public institutions?

Immanuel said...

When it comes to sex this country is so fucking schizophrenic it's pathetic.

We are world's largest consumer of everything, including porn. Our advertising, our movies, our magazines scream sex, sex, sex!!

As long as this teacher is not harming these children or exposing them to sexual information at too young an age let him be and do his shiznit!

But we all know how this is going to turn out. He is going to get fired.

And the Fox News people and the school administration who do the firing will go home, download some porn and jackoff before they go to bed.

Wonder Man said...

I think the age of students is not the issue. I think it's the clout of the school and a pissy person who had something against Kevin.

luciferosirisarnold said...

Ok Kevin, go home get your guns and head for the news room. lol

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