Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So What does the Iowa GOP’ers think of the GOP Candidates?

In a focus group in Iowa, the GOP folks had these things to say about the candidates.
  • Rick Perry and Herman Cain “are toast in Iowa” – none of the evangelicals in the room had positive thoughts about either.
  • Cain’s campaign is nose-diving here because he’s “shallow” and “incompetent.”
  • These evangelicals like what Newt Gingrich is saying, but they still don’t trust him yet.
  • One reason they’re reconsidering Rick Santorum is his position on the value of life even when the child is conceived in rape or incest.
  • Their biggest concern with Ron Paul is about his foreign policy, but also his call for state’s rights on handling social issues.
  • They don’t care who U.S. Rep. Steve King endorses, or who the Christian advocacy group Family Leader endorses.
So it ain't all about Newt yet. I still think Ron Paul will win Iowa.


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luciferosirisarnold said...

I feel they should all just stick with The current president.

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