Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hillary edges out Bernie in Iowa

Hillary squeaks out in lead from last night's Iowa caucus. It was a must needed win for the former Senator, showing the public her popularity within the party.

It was also good for Sanders as well. Sanders did better than expected. However, Sanders does well with predominately white voters. The true test of Bernie's burn will be in the more diverse states, where Hillary leads big time.

Five Thirty-Eight reports:
Iowa and New Hampshire also lack nonwhite voters, who form a huge part of the Democratic base. Can Sanders win over some of these voters? Clinton has held a lead among nonwhites of nearly 40 percentage points in national polls. In Nevada, which votes after the New Hampshire primary, the electorate for the Democratic caucuses in 2008 was 15 percent Hispanic and 15 percent black. After Nevada comes South Carolina, where a majority of Democratic voters will be black. Our polls-only forecast in South Carolina gives Clinton a 94 percent chance to win, and our polls-plus forecast gives her a 96 percent chance to win. 
Clinton will continue to be a favorite for the Democratic nomination if she continues to hold a large lead among nonwhite voters and basically breaks even with white voters, as she did in Iowa. Sanders, meanwhile, needs to cut into Clinton’s lead among nonwhites and expand his support among white voters beyond what he won in Iowa. If he does that, he’ll put himself in contention to win the nomination. If he doesn’t, he’ll continue to be an underdog.

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