Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A HALLOWEEN TV Series on the way?

Rumors are flying about Halloween, the movie Halloween, becoming a TV series

According to Fangoria, there's a series coming around the bend. The series would be a limited series event, and boxed in a 3-to-5 season commitment.

The series could reboot the original story or continue the tale.

There's a lot they could use for the series. They could focus on the survivors, the Myers family, the curse or Laurie Strode. If I was doing this, I would focus of the family who survived, trying to solve the Myers curse. There's a lot of history they could use to make this series work. I just hope they don't go the Scream TV series route. That show sucks so baddd!

But right now, it's all rumors. Nothing is set in stone, yet. However, if this idea becomes a real product, I pray they don't fu*k it up.

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Michael Stanton said...

Just keep Rob Zombie away from it. That version he did was one of the worst movies ever!

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