Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In Tennessee: High School GSA Divides a Community

My homestate has been completely ridic about LGBT rights since forever. In some county there's some silly drama about our existence.

Just recently in Franklin County, folks have been freaking about a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at Franklin County High School. These fools even have the nerve to compare this student group to ISIS.

Sadly, this issue has divided the town, however there is some good news. The GSA have supporters for students and parents in the town. Local LGBT organizations have also come out to help. Amie Lonas, the director of Franklin County Schools, said the GSA isn’t going to be removed.

Because of this drama, they had a school board meeting last night. People on both sides of the issue attended the meeting. As you can see, these folks holding the white flags are against us.

Those flags are Christian flags, they even showed up with Confederate flags too.

The board discussed the student club policy and they will review criteria by its next meeting on March 14. There was no indication that the GSA would be removed. By law, it has a right to exist.

So, I hope those kids stay strong. They deserve to have a GSA, they deserve their space.


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