Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CDC Study: Black gay men in the United States have a 50% chance of getting HIV

A new study from the Centers For Disease Control got me pretty sad today. According to the results, Black gay men in the United States have a 50% chance of getting HIV. Then, there's this... all men who have sex with men face a 79-times higher risk of contracting HIV than do heterosexual men.

The CDC study was just released and it's chock full of info that will leave you with a heavy heart. While the numbers are down overall, gay men of color are still quite high. Sadly, this is the norm. It feels like we stay at high risk. I know there are so many programs and outreach events to educate our communities of color. Still, it seems like we continue to lose.

I personally hate to see any study that show us at high risk. I want to believe these numbers are wrong, but... I guess the numbers don't lie. We have to better, folks.

Protect yourself, protect yourself, protect yourself!

You have to do this in order to stay alive and healthy. Yes, we have stronger medications and prEP, but you always have to protect yourself at all cost. No dick is worth your life, guys. Please love yourself, respect your partner/trick/fu*kbuddy enough to be safe.

These number have to drop, before it's too late. Skip that, It IS too late. We have to stop being reckless! Please... I can't say this enough, protect yourself.

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