Monday, February 1, 2016

Duck Dynasty Phil Roberson calls Same-Sex marriage 'Evil'

At a rally for Ted Cruz, Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" described same sex marriage as "evil". See here

The DNC demands an apology from Ted Cruz
“This morning, one washed-up reality star running for president said he would appoint judges who would overturn marriage equality. Today, Ted Cruz invited a different washed-up reality star to stump in Iowa with him, and this one’s views are even more out-of-touch. Ted Cruz owes not only LGBT Americans, but all Americans an apology for his surrogate’s deplorable and dangerous rallying cry that the earth should be ‘rid’ of marriage equality supporters. The LGBT community knows all too well the violence, the hate crimes, the alienation felt by LGBT teenagers that can result from such heated rhetoric. How can a presidential candidate justify calling for eliminating a group of people based on their political views? It’s downright irresponsible.

“Iowans know that in the almost seven years since marriage equality came to the Hawkeye State, the only result has been that now everyone can marry the person they love. The majority of American voters agree that the Supreme Court’s decision upholding marriage equality nationwide represented monumental progress. Americans deserve a president who will not use hate to divide us and drag America backward. It’s clear the Republican Party doesn’t have any candidate who can live up to that."

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