Thursday, March 28, 2013

NOM's Brian Brown compares Anti-Gay Hate March to the Civil Rights Movement

Yesterday, Brian Brown had the nerve, the nerve to compare their hate rally to the civil rights movement. No joke folks, that bastard said that.

The words:
We were hoping for 5,000 people and we ended up with over 10,000. We filled the whole area in front of the court when we marched. It was a diverse coalition, we had African American leaders, Hispanic leaders, State Sen. Ruben Diaz brought 30 buses from the Bronx; it was just amazing. What I was most happy about, we talked about this before the rally, the way everyone conducted themselves. We were chanting, we were united but when folks tried to get in our way, there were some gay marriage protesters who tried to get in front of the march and stop us even though we had a permit, everyone just knelt down and started praying. I was not alive during the Civil Rights Movement but this is what it must have felt like, people were just so ecstatic to stand up and they did it in a loving, respectful way but they weren’t going to be silenced. I couldn’t be more happy with what happened today, I think it’s a huge step forward for the pro-marriage movement and I don’t think it’s going to be lost on the Supreme Court justices that we were there and we were there in force.
Brian, there are big differences between the two.
  • In the CRM, folks were marching for their right to be humans, equal and treated like American citizens. What you and your fools are marching for is the right to discriminate and hate.
  • In the CRM, people were dying and fights for their rights, you and your fools are trying to take rights away.
  • The CRM supported equality, you are supporting bigotry.
  • Brian, you are representing the past, the CRM was representing the future.
 It is a mockery and an insult for Brian to compare the two. I hope he thinks about what he said and maybe in the future, takes this foolish belief back.


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