Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beginning the Final Season in my Career

I have decided that the upcoming year will be my final year in Residence Life. I have been in this field for 17 years and to be real, that's enough.

It's been a fun ride from the days as a RA in Murray, KY, to the professional Hall Director days at Cornell in Ithaca, NY and messy year at Arizona State. It's been a big piece of my life and who I am, but it's time.

This upcoming year will be a challenging one because I will be shutting the door to everything I have been used to. Most of you know that I want to get into the Entertainment world, so at 40 (in 2014) I will be starting completely over.

I'm already scared about it. I've seen peers and friends struggle to get their lives in order in Los Angeles, but I'm hoping for a miracle. Thank goodness I have more than a year to get it together, trust, I need this year.

However, I'm not too worried. I follow the notion of 'Can't stop, Won't stop, Never stop'. It's gotten me this far, so I know I'll make it through.


K. Clark said...

Good luck! Hope to hear about your L.A. adventures.

C.L. Jones said...

Good luck on your new life ventures! :)

C.L. Jones said...

Good luck on this next chapter of your life!!! Take full advantage. :)

BloggerJoe said...

In 2009, at the age of 51, I left a lucrative computer consulting career behind and restarted life as a novelist. It hasn't worked out as I'd hoped or planned, but with my partner's assistance, it's been a rewarding change for both of us. Best of luck!

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