Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's Really Going on with Robert Champion's Case?

Robert was killed over 3 months ago and still no one is held accountable, set for trial or identified. So what's really going on with this case?

Here is some insight:
There are dozens of witnesses and possible suspects to be interviewed in Champion's killing, and most of them live outside the Orlando area. Some may not be cooperating.

Also, the case has garnered international attention for revealing the culture of hazing within the famous band, adding greater pressure to make sure there are no holes in the investigation.

Detectives were unable to interview all the witnesses who know what happened on the bus immediately after Champion died because his death wasn't ruled a homicide until a month after he collapsed. They have been trying to recreate the events by interviewing witnesses, often traveling to Tallahassee where FAMU is located.

"It's not like arriving at the scene of a homicide where there has been a shooting and you interview all the witnesses," said Danielle Tavernier, a spokeswoman for the State Attorney's Office. "They have to go out and coordinate with those people who were there that day."

Half a dozen detectives have interviewed or are in the process of interviewing 30 to 35 witnesses, said Ginette Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

"With this amount of people ... three months really isn't a lot of time with an active caseload that these detectives are carrying," Rodriguez said. "We're going to send this over to the state, and of course, they're going to want to make sure that they're presenting a good case. That is basically all it is."
Robert's family is concerned like many of us about this investigation. The longer it takes, the longer Robert's murderers walk free.


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luciferosirisarnold said...

Tip of the iceberg. I like how the college guys haze, you get a dick in ass or mouth but some of these other guys like to beat on you. This case could change all that and more.

Stan said...

Oh I'm sure the fact that he was black has nothing to do with it. (Wink Wink)

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