Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How I would create the Vampire Mythos... If I had to

Since there are like 10 vampire movies coming out this year and next, I wondered... Could I tell a vampire tale?

And would I want too? Actually no, I'm not a vampire fan (even though I like Buffy, Vamp, Fright Night and True Blood). However, if I was given 7 figures, I could come up with an origin story of vampires.

Cue in the bullet point outline....
  • I would create a vampire mythos that makes them the last beings roaming the earth before Adam and Eve. Those beings are the children of the FIRST and forgotten couple, Lilith and Saulham. 
  • Lilith and Saulham's betrayed their Gods to believe in only one God. Those Gods cursed Lilith and Saulham's children by turning them into deformed and monstrous things that could only roam the night and feed on the dead.
  • These cursed beings stayed hidden for many centuries, until they were discovered by a mad African king, Seb.
  •  Through his wizards' magic, Seb forced these beings to conquer villages and kingdoms in his name.
  • Seb used sex and sorcery to breed these demons with his women prisoners and slaves. The women gave birth to many of these hybrid babies. All of them had cold ivory skin. None of the women survive, some of the babies died.
  • One of the wizards, Fa'koe, took the surviving brood and raised them. They became adults in several months.
  • They have special powers, making them noble and treated as blessed beings.
  • With the help of the brood, Fa'koe overthrows Seb and becomes the new king. However, it was short-lived. One of the brood, a woman, killed Fa'koe and took his mystical powers.
  • The brood attacked Seb/Fa'koe's kingdom. The ones that survived were turned into beings just like the brood through their enchanted blood.
  • The brood woman, Ankysh, formed a new kingdom of demons that fed from the blood of their enemies in the night and hid from the sun.
  • They traveled many places, forming kingdoms in Africa, Egypt, India and Asia.
  • Some of the brood died, while a new generation lived on through the blood of others.
  • In another 1,000 years, the brood are named Vampires.
That's my take. This is what happens at the last hour at work for me.


Bob said...

I like it.
You get more done in your 'last hour' than most people do all day!

Prince Toddy English said...

I am actually writing a vampire tale. What I've done is exclude magic and mythology altogether and made a scientific/evolutionary reason as to why vampires exist (no undead stuff).
Anyway, this is cute!

behrmark said...

I think you've been giving this a lot of thought...and quite honestly, I'd read that novel.

Kyle Leach said...

Love your take V.

tamayn said...

Sounds interesting. I'd read.

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