Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Question of the Day

I always wanted a twin brother. I thought it would be fun with 2 of me, or us running around. But what always stumped me was the kind of person he would be.

I thought about this over the years and came up with this notion. I think he would be named Doriron and he would be a more feisty and arrogant version of myself.

We would get along, but we would be the most fierce competitors for attention. Our fashion sense would be all over the place and he would be a bit more sex positive than me. I keep my slutty side inside and he would let it all hang out.

So my question for you all... If you had a twin, how would their personalities differ from yours or would you two be just alike?


Roger Poladopoulos said...

Funny...I see this often. I actually have an identical twin brother and with the exception of two not-so-obvious physical distinctions, we are indeed identical in most ways. Like myself, he's Deaf, gay and a nudist. We have two extremely different professions but aside from that, are very close and communicate constantly throughout the day, via sms/texts, IMs and emails. We're also friends with a number of other gay male pairs of twins, both fraternal and identical. It isn't as unusual as most people imagine.

behrmark said...

I don't think the world could handle two of you...that much sexiness would completely overwhelm the Earth's population.

Anonymous said...

We'd be alike. Double trouble!

Kyle Leach said...

We'd have to be alike. Otherwise, we'd kill each other.

tamayn said...

I get the feeling that if I had an identical twin, we would have been friends as kids, enemies in junior high and high school, and take completely different routes in college and go our separate ways.

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