Sunday, January 30, 2011

Check Out the CPAC 2011 Agenda

Well, CPAC is coming in a few weeks and I just cruised over to their site to check out their agenda. As y'all will see, there's not a lot about creating jobs, but there are sessions on Traditional Marriage, stopping DADT, repealing Obamacare and taking the country back.

Basically, Stuff Crazy Christian maybe Racist Folks Like

See here:
CPAC 2011 Schedule of Events Master 1-29-11


Bob said...

So they want to "take the country back" but not do anything to make it better except enact inequality?

Robbie said...

That is a whole header of scary crazy.

Joy said...

I read the schedule and what a nightmare if I had to sit through two minutes of any of it. It's scary whenever they get together and stir each other up. I don't understand them.

luciferosirisarnold said...

It appears they don't take the President serious enough.
I really dislike these people and those who like them. They are in this for the donations and to prey on the weak.