Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ryan Kwanten will play Charles Manson

Jason Stackhouse will play a historic serial killer? Yes.
Ryan Kwanten, of True Blood fame, has been cast as cold-blooded killer Charles Manson in an upcoming film titled The Family. I can’t remember, was Charles Manson buff in his prime?
Kwanten broke the news at a press day for his latest movie, the Australian spaghetti western Red Hill. Additionally, Kwanten told journalists that he’s set to star in and produce the Australian film The Twenty-Something Survival Guide, and he’ll also appear in an upcoming adaptation of the satirical self-help bookThe G Strategy.

Interesting role.


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Michael Rivers said...

I could see him passing for Manson. He'll probably do a good job. The bodies won't match. That's for sure.

I still want to marry Ryan.