Sunday, October 31, 2010

Horror books that could be great Horror Movies

Let's face it...Horror movies are sucking puss-filled schlongs right now. All of these remakes and broke ass plots are killing my favorite genre. So since everyone is rehashing old movies, why not look somewhere Horror novels.

I have found some novels that could be excellent movies if done right. I loved these books; I either read some of these twice or read it in one swoop.

Sins of the Flesh

Jesse Sikes lives only to hunt, kill, and eat, and his favorite prey is human. For Jesse Sikes is a wendigo, a carnivorous monster clothed in black and silver fur--a creature who can transform himself at will into a tall, handsome man to better stalk his prey! But his mother has kept him at bay with magic for 20 years, however she's dying and Jesse is hungry.

I read this at 16 and later at 34, I love the characters and the base of the story. It would be a different twist to worn out were-monster tale.

One Rainy Night

A shroud of rain covers the town of Bixby, coating the inhabitants in an unending torrent - and turning them into hate-filled maniacs. Soaking-wet, a queue of cinema-goers smash their way inside to slice up the dry people within, while a loving wife crushes her husband's skull on the marble floor.

Laymon is such a great writer. I could NOT put this book down. If the right script writer got a hold of this...Blockbuster. Oh, and it's gory.

The Pet

In the small town of Ashford, N.J., young Don Boyd contends with more than his share of problems and pressures: the high school jocks who are bullying him, the girls he doesn't know how to talk to, the breakup of his parents' marriage, and the fact that because his father is the principal of his school the teachers involved in a labor dispute are taking it out on Don. Add one homicidal maniac, dubbed the Howler, who's already killed and mutilated several teenagers in New York. Don responds to his fears and desires by summoning up a powerful if ghostly stallion from one of his wall posters. The horse makes Don a hero by dispatching the Howler, but then it prowls the neighborhood, killing Don's tormentors and threatening his friends.

This book was a great read. I was lost (in a good way) in this story and thought it would perfect to see this on film.


In the silent college town of Exham, strange women appear with a ravenous need for human flesh. The summer school student have no idea what's store or if they will make it to see the next day.

This is a wonderful gory tale. It's a throwback to the 80s, wild college life, sex, horror stuff. I would love to see this story on the silver screen, it challenges the boring slasher tales and brings something new to the table.

So those are my picks for good Horror flicks.

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Mechadude2001 said...

The Necromancer series is great. Written by Brian Lumley.

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