Thursday, July 28, 2016

New NY Daily News Cover


Unknown said...

This paper is a total joke. It's not even really a newspaper. It's more like a arm for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic morons wanna keep this country going in the direction of Venezuela. Anybody we even reads this paper is probably a socialist or borderline Communist. It's obvious that the media is always on the side of the Democrats not why would that be. What we all know at least all of us we have a brain? That the Democratic Party in the media. How is colluded with each other and that if Hillary gets elected many of the same people keep their jobs? Andy establishment of the Democratic Party, who we already know is racist. However, the Daily News doesn't seem to care about the fact that. Did DNC cold black people made fun of their names made fun of Jewish people? Show Delusion between CNN MSNBC in the media. That doesn't seem to be anything. They care about much or that Hillary Clinton lied again. I'm Chris Wallace and said that the. FBI said she was truthful, which we all know she's the biggest liar in history. My question is why do black people, let themselves be pornes for this party? It's almost like they wanna be enslaved again by these people. I can't figure it out? Do they know that it was Bill Clinton, who signed the policy to put more black people in jail than ever before. Do they know that Hillary Clinton has never supported anything to do with helping the black community or the Hispanic community for that. Reason what is Barack Obama done for anyone including blacks and Hispanics except lie to them to get their votes. You know the only informed Public Thyone informed voter has always been the cornerstone. For Democratic votes and I'll try it again this year and they may even succeed. As they overruled away our great country. You know the founders, said that they wanted to have elections. That were going to be determined by informed voters. Well, if you look at MS NBC NBC CNN and the rest of the Liberal Democratic arms of the Democratic. Nonsense we all know that the people who watch the stations are in getting the truth. There basically just listening to whatever propaganda there with hearing. I'm there gonna vote, the same way forever. Meanwhile the poor black communities are gonna remain porn black forever. Does anyone think that it's a coincidence that the 10 worst economic cities in our country are all run by Democrats. Does anybody think that's a coincidence? The amount of corruption, the way they use the people there as pawns in victims to put line their pockets with money. When will the black and Hispanic communities finally wake up and realize that only a great economy can't lift any one out of the gutter. There's not enough welfare checks in the world. Dirais anyone out of poverty, it will just keep them in there, but I guess that's what these groups one so we'll see what we shall see.

Al Leone said...

It's too truthful to be approved.!

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