Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alton Sterling

The news is out Alton Sterling.

He was a black man who was shot several times while being held on the ground by two policemen outside a convenience store. They (the cops) came there because someone called 911 and said he had a gun.

Now, he wasn't waving it around and threatening folks. He was just selling DVDs.

Here's more
The video, obtained by CNN, shows another angle and was recorded closer to the shooting by one of two white Baton Rouge police officers who were answering a 911 report of a man with a gun. It is the second of two bystander videos that show the encounter. One posted online Tuesday night quickly sparked local protests and drew national attention. 
In the new 38-second recording, Sterling is already on the ground, on his back. One officer is kneeling to Sterling's left. The other officer appears to be straddling Sterling's legs. Sterling can be seen from the chest up and his lower legs are also visible. His left arms and hands are not visible; his right arm is by his side.

After gunshots are heard, the camera pans to the right then back to Sterling, who has a large blood stain on his chest. The officer who was on his legs now lies on the pavement above Sterling's head, his gun pointed.

The officer radios for an ambulance. As Sterling moves his left arm toward his face and then his chest, the other officer appears to remove something from one of Sterling's right pockets. Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie Jr. said Sterling was armed at the time he was killed and one witness said the officer removed a gun from Sterling's pocket.
Sterling, a 37-year-old man who sold CDs and DVDs outside the store, died of his wounds. The officers involved in Tuesday's shooting -- Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II -- have been placed on administrative leave
He was killed by these cops and their body cams mysteriously fell off. I find this very interesting because of a few things... Alton's gun was legal and he had the right to carry it around. The person who called 911 should be questioned and brought in. In the video, you see the cops removed his gun from his pocket, so they were NOT in danger. They just killed him...

I'm not sharing the link or the video because it's horrific and I can't treat Alton's death as some sense of voyeurism.

I will only post Anton's family, because he was a family man.



Bob Slatten said...

I MIGHT buy one body cam falling off, but two?

Damien said...

What the hell is going on with cops??

Ashamed to be white.

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