Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Rant about Bernie Sanders

I'm sorry, but I'm struggling with Bernie Sanders' struggle. A couple of nights ago, he pledged to keep on running for president. He claims that his movement is bigger than this election.

But is it though? I don't think so, because if it was bigger than him, he would have more people on board. So far, Bernie has inspired one particular group... White men. The majority of his voters are white men, both young and old. His youth vote are heavy with white guys and women. Hardly, a start of a revolution. This struggle has only inspired these folks who are sexist, rude, violent and completely over the top.

They have been disrespectful to our civil rights leaders and just ridiculous this entire season. This group ain't no revolution and if it is, I don't care to see it. Most of his supporters are belligerent and wildly lost in every word that still lacks detail and focus. I can't understand why Bernie doing this to be very honest with you. I think this campaign is some type of male ego trip that's riding on a slippery slope of white privilege and foolishness.

After listening to his speech in Santa Monica, I was so done. And sadly, many others were done with him. It was good to see people deciding not to continue this journey with him. I guess he thinks he's going to win in DC, but he forgot DC is full with people of color. So good luck, Bernie, we will watch as this house falls apart.

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