Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando nightclub shooting is now the deadliest Mass shooting in the country


Early this morning and Orlando, there was a mass shooting at a gay bar called Pulse. The shooter killed 50 people and at least 53 were wounded before the SWAT team killed the gunman.

This incident started around 2:20 AM. Later, people were sending messages on Facebook and Twitter to get out of the building. According to the people who were at the club, there was a lot of blood everywhere. It was unbelievable! There are so many messages from folks who were there. It's so... It's a lot to take in.

The shooter was Omar Mateen.

Omar is Muslim, so you know how people will spend this as a terrorist attack. However, his father says that it had nothing to do with his religion. He just did not like seeing two men kissing. His family apologizes for his actions.

This is horrible news it's just… I really have no words. This just happen within our community, during the month of pride. There is going to be so much racist, anti-Islamic chatter about this entire incident. Yes, there are people that still hate who we are and fear who we are, but we have to be strong now. Sadly, this may not be the last time we face this type of hate.

This is now being called the deadliest Mass shooting and our country's history.

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Walton Ramirez said...

Right in the middle of the shooting Mateen called 911 and proclaimed his allegiance to the leader of ISIS so spinning this into a terrorist attack won't take much. Islamic cultures are notoriously homophobic so his father saying it had nothing to do with religion is complete nonsense.

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