Monday, May 2, 2016

15 Reasons why I can't Vote for Hillary Clinton

I can't vote for someone like Hillary Clinton! She's corrupt! Here are my reasons:

  1. She was responsible for Marlena Evans being captured by Stefano DiMera
  2. She shot JR
  3. Hillary secretly worked with Maya Lewis on Benghazi
  4. Started the Mutant Registration Act
  5. Cut off Felicity's curly hair
  6. Prophesied as the next Kingslayer
  7. Made arms deals with Negan
  8. Cancelled Wonderfalls
  9. Gave Eve the Apple
  10. She hangs out with the morally corrupted Faye Resnick
  11. Created Fox News
  12. Killed Bambi's mom
  13. Sabotaged the NCAA finals
  14. Ruined Batman v Superman
  15. Murdered Scalia 


Alan Scott said...

She created the Mutant Registration Act! WTF? Everything else is forgivable except that!

Bob Slatten said...

"She hangs out with the morally corrupted Faye Resnick."


Mechadude2001 said...

OMG, Hilarious! :)

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