Monday, May 9, 2016

The Men in my Life

So, I have guys that run through my head and heart. They are men that I've been intimate with in one form or another.

Guy 1 is someone I've met after my relationship ended in 2013. He's a good guy, smart, works for the city. He's a passionate lover and always considerate of me. But, he's young... 8 years younger than me. It's not a huge deal, but I have this nagging feeling that he doesn't know what he wants. So, I keep my distance. However, it's doesn't work. We see each other off and on... When we do see each other, it's amazing.

But I still keep my distance.

Guy 2 is a sweetheart, but broken. We met a year ago, I was looking for a job and he just ended a relationship. We became close very fast, hanging out a lot on the weekends. He has the sweetest eyes and a sexy smile. It took us a year to have our first kiss. We were riding around LA, talking about nothing. We got some food and parked in the Hills. He admitted that he found me sexy and I told him I would love to kiss him. It was the sweetest kiss... pure and honest. He wasn't ready to move forward and I accepted that. We still hang out and I still want to kiss him again.

I think he does too.

Guy 3 has me in a tizzy. We met 3 years ago online. We've stayed in touch and in April, we decided to spend a long weekend together. What happened that weekend knocked me on a loop. He was everything I needed. He gave me hope that some guys are good and not jerks. He's completely honest, caring and highly sexual. Sex with him is so good. Sadly, he's in SF and I'm in LA. We still talk almost everyday and we're planning a trip together.

If I had to choose among all 3 guys, it would be him.

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