Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marvel Studios Directors hope to bring LGBT Characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studios mega directors Joe and Anthony Russo recently addressed the idea of a LGBT character (or more) showing up in one of their films.

This is what they had to say
“I think the chances are strong. I mean, it’s incumbent upon us as storytellers who are making mass-appeal movies to make mass-appeal movies, and to diversify as much as possible. It’s sad in the way that Hollywood lags behind other industries so significantly, one because you think that it would be a progressive industry, and two it’s such a visible industry. So I think it’s important that on all fronts we keep pushing for diversification because then the storytelling becomes more interesting, more rich, and more truthful."
Yes, adding in diverse characters is key for any major successful project. Marvel has LGBT characters, and we should see more of them. In Agents of SHIELD, we have one gay male character. Hopefully, in the next year we will gain a few more.

We deserve to be heroes too.


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