Thursday, June 4, 2015

10 Things I got from the Duggar Interview

So, I watched the Duggar interview and it was a MESS. The levels of foolishness were mountain high and Melissa and Jim Bob...

Below, I have the whole interview for your viewing pleasure. And I have a few points about this interview.

  1. The way Melissa and Jim Bob treated Josh's behavior as if he stole some candy from the corner store.
  2. According them, it wasn't rape because the girls didn't remember and they were asleep.
  3. Jim Bob didn't take Josh to professional counseling, because the church advisors were (I guess) better.
  4. It seemed they were worried more about their image than their daughters.
  5. After Josh continued his 'mistake' they still didn't go to a counselor, they found an officer that put 'THE FEAR OF GOD' in him. 
  6. The Duggars believe that Trans people are pedophiles, but their son just made a mistake.
  7. Now they want to fight to keep juvenile records safe.... Too bad they didn't think of this when Trayvon Martin was killed.
  8. According to Fox News and The Duggars, this is a liberal media attack against them and their faith. You know, because this incident was so God like.
  9. The way Melissa looks to Jim Bob as he spoke was creepy.
  10. God has forgiven them, so everything is fine and dandy.

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Bob Slatten said...

That whole family is a victim:
The girls are victims because they were sexually molested by a so-called loved one.

Josh is a victim because he went to his parents THREE TIMES to confess and TWO TIMES they did nothing.

The parents are victims of their own greed and their own need to be famous at any and all costs, including their own children.

That sick bunch needs to be removed from television permanently,

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