Monday, May 11, 2015

NBC cast the original Broadway Dorothy, STEPHANIE MILLS, as Auntie Em in The Wiz!

This is some good news.

So, you might have heard that The Wiz is NBC's next televised musical. I'm going to be watching and I hope some you will be as well, especially since NBC has cast the original Broadway Dorothy, STEPHANIE MILLS, as Auntie Em! The production will air on December 3, with plans to bring it to the Broadway in the 2016-17 season.

I'm in gay heaven right now.


Allan S. said...

OMG...NBC must have read my casting suggestions on a couple of posts I did several weeks ago. LOL!

I suggested Ms. Mills for Auntie Em!

I am excited!

Oh and here are my other suggestions for casting. Still stuck on who can do Dorothy.

Glenda - Audra McDonald (She never has a bad turn in any role. Plus, she can bring that angelic voice.)

Evilene - Jill Scott (Ya know Jill has woke up and said more than once in her life time, "don't nobody bring me no bad news." Her voice is powerful and she can act.

Scarecrow - Usher Raymond ( I think Usher will have fun with the physicality of the role.)

Tin Man - Don Cheadle (He rocked it as Sammy Davis Jr. and I am sure can do a mean tap routine)

Cowardly Lion - Jamie Foxx (Now, who else can sing and bring the comedy better than Jamie?)

Clovis Oglethorpe said...

In 1985 Stephanie Mills recorded the song "Bit By Bit" one of the hidden gems of 80s music.

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