Friday, May 15, 2015

In Texas: The Anti-Gay Marriage Bill HB 4105 is DEAD

For a while, the Texas GOP have been threatening to put in play HB 4105, an anti-gay marriage bill that would make gay marriage difficult to get even after the SCOTUS ruling. This bill was created by Texas state Rep. Cecil Bell. All you need to know about him is he's a bigot and ugly.

Anywho these haters did everything in their power to make it happen. They even had the governor on their side. The bill passed the House with ease, due to the majority GOP seats. They had until yesterday to move the bill forward into law. However, that's when the wheels fell off. The GOP tried some dirty tricks like throwing out bills to get to HB 4105, but time ran out! Those bitches lost, no time for fake ones!

But it's not over

From Kathy Miller, president, Texas Freedom Network
“We hope today’s action means the death of this irresponsible bill and are grateful to all of the legislators who have worked hard to ensure that it never gets out of the House. This was just one bill among many in a broad strategy to lock in discrimination against gay and transgender Texans and subvert a Supreme Court ruling on the freedom to marry. Bad actors will continue to push their discrimination legislation, including as amendments to other bills, until the final gavel. So we’re not letting our guard down now.”
 From Chuck Smith, executive director, Equality Texas
“Thanks to the leadership of our allies in the Texas House, the clock ran out on HB 4105 at midnight. Unfortunately for LGBT Texans, there are still 17 days remaining in the legislative session – 17 days during which homophobic and transphobic lawmakers will continue to look for amendment opportunities to inflict discrimination. We must continue to fight their efforts to defy the Supreme Court and to deny equality to LGBT Texans – through the end of the legislative session and beyond.”
The battle's not over, but let's enjoy this victory.


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Bob Slatten said...

It's a nice win, but let's not forget this is Texas.

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