Thursday, May 21, 2015

Anti-Gay Pastor who was Caught on Grindr almost drove a Gay Teen to Suicide

I think some of you have heard about the pastor named Matthew Makela who has preached against homosexuality and everything else that's not Christian. Well, he was recently outed for being on Grindr.

Yes, there are pictures of him talking about how he basically likes dick, how he likes to cuddle and all that jazz. It's just interesting, because I don't know why he thought that no one recognize him on the hookup app. Anywho, Matthew has been in a lake of fire since his pics has been exposed. In fact, Matthew just resigned from his position.

But it doesn't stop there.

For long time, Matthew preached to young gay kids about how being gay is a sin and the wagers of sin is death, you know, all that brimstone mess they always try to tell you. Well one teen, Taylor Kish, has come out to talk about that experience and how it feels to know that Matthew was gay all along, check it out.

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