Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NOM files Brief to SCOTUS, claiming Public Support for Marriage isn't Strong Enough

NOM is still trying...

These fools, along with their political director, Frank Schubert, have filed a joint amicus brief with the US Supreme Court trying stop marriage equality. They state that the nation wants nothing but traditional marriage, and changing the status quo will galvanize opposition to same-sex marriage, just like the Roe vs wade galvanized opposition to abortion.

From NOM's blog
"The notion advanced in some corridors that the American people have significantly altered their views on same-sex marriage in recent years to the point that large majorities now support a redefinition of marriage and therefore would readily accept a mandate from this Court imposing same-sex marriage on the nation is simply not true," said Frank Schubert, NOM's national political director.

Schubert examined more than one dozen recent public opinion surveys and found that they fell into one of four categories:

Those showing majority support for traditional marriage;
Those showing support for same-sex marriage dropping;
Those showing plurality support for one side or another, but not majority support; and
Those showing majority support for same-sex marriage.
Read the brief

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