Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Study: Straight men more stressed, depressed than Gay Men

A Canadian study focusing on anxiety and sexual orientation, says that straight men suffer more depression and more stress than gay and bi men.

Interesting, I know, but here's more:
"Interestingly and contrary to our hypothesis, gay and bisexual men had significantly lower depressive symptoms and allostatic load levels than heterosexual men," wrote lead author Robert-Paul Juster, a neuroscientist at McGill University.

Heterosexual men registered a third higher on an index of allostatic load compared with gay and bisexual men. In contrast, lesbian and bisexual women ranked higher than heterosexual women on the index.

Noting that clinical indexes for stress include measures of body weight and fat, authors speculated that it was possible that gay and bisexual men focused more on maintaining thinness and muscularity than straight men.
The last piece is interesting because some gays have an unhealthy focus on their bodies from peer pressure and dating purposes.

However, this is some good info. Read the rest of the article here


Bob said...

It is less stressful to lead a fabulous life, no?

Alieux (Daij) said...


love Bob's response.

Lucifer Arnold said...

This must be pretaining to Caucasians again because Black men get stressed all their lives. This is not a hate comment.

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