Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gay Adult Star Arpad Miklos has Died

One my favorite adult actors took his own life. Arpad Miklos or Peter Kozma committed suicide this weekend. He was 45 years old.

He will be missed.

Watch the clip of his friend talking about his death after the jump


Anonymous said...

GODDAMN! There was just another porn industry suicide a few weeks ago!
Maybe it's not getting better for some of these guys
So sad to see him gone

Icaro Genesis said...

Ainda é difícil de acreditar que um exemplo de homem com perfeição em beleza e humildade tenha deixado tantos homens órfãos de ver sua beleza desfilando pelas revistas e filmes.
è difícil acreditar que um Homem que servia como exemplo para todo os outros homem de como ser um verdadeiro homem tenha partido sem aviso.
Uma perda para o mundo gay irreparável . Um homem que fazia a diferença.
Estou muito triste,meu coração esta muito triste decepcionado e sem rumo .
Meu sinceros pêsames pra quem teve o orgulho e a sorte grande de conhece-lo.


What is this? Another one? Does it mean that a certain type of man is drawn to the porn business, but is too fragile to handle this; or that business is plain too hard, reaping them by the dozens and spitting them out just as fast?!? Drugs are a problem, but there's also a matter of the ego. While men like to seduce and porn gives them visibility, I think it may get a little too much to become objectified and seen only "that way". It may sound like fun in the beginning, but it's hardly a goal in life, at least, in my opinion. But they set themselves to be defined by this. While I bear no judgement toward people in the sex industry, one must realize these jobs never come with fringe benefits and a retirement plan. One must be really grounded and have other things going in his life to keep a sense of balance. I think we all enjoy porn, but take one moment to think that these guys are humans too, with their dreams and their needs. Not just a piece a meat...

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