Friday, December 31, 2010

My 'Life' Review of 2010

This year has been interesting in so many ways. It was a good year, but it also was an eye opening time as well.

So here is a review of my life in 2010.

I traveled a lot this year for both work and fun. While I enjoyed myself, I was a bit tired of traveling. Not trying to sound spoiled, but flying out 7 times this year was enough.

I lost 2 good friends this year. One was like a little brother to me and the other held a deep part of my heart. It was really tough to lose my friends, I felt guilty that I didn't talk with them enough. But I hope they are in a better place.

My partner became Musical Director at his job, which was a pretty big deal.

We also met his family in the rural parts of PA. That was real special, real special.

I decided to get back into fashion. I was just wearing business clothes at work and slum clothes at home. So I took some money and increased my wardrobe. We won't talk about the number of jeans I have or the brand names of those jeans.

Continuing the shallowness, my obsession with Louis Vuitton took a huge turn. I gained 2 more editions to my LV collection.

My job gave me a bit of challenge (in a good way). I took on additional roles, which was rewarding and crazy at the same time.

I took another screenwriting class! I completed a feature film script that landed me another A and more confidence in my work.

LGBT politics start to bother me. It was hard staying positive, especially when most folks were becoming doubtful. But I had to stand my ground and keep hope alive. I had to remember that this is a long battle, so I had to keep my head on straight.

I returned to Kentucky for my college Homecoming. It was a blast! I haven't seen many of my classmates for years. Plus, I got see my old crew, the FAM. It was a great reminder of where I came from.

The blog gained many new readers. I'm always floored that y'all keep coming back for more. I will try to keep it real in 2011.

I had my wisdom teeth taken out and it was NOT fun. In 2011, BRACES!

I am now (this just happened recently) the VP of the Jordan Rustin Coalition.

I'm also amazed and thrilled to read many of your posts and stories. Although I have little to say, I greatly enjoy your blogs.

So that's it for me. I'm looking forward for 2011.


Cubby said...

I hope you have a happy and successful 2011.

Eric Arvin said...

I should take a cue from you and get myself a new wardrobe too.

Mr. Toddy English said...

Gwarl, I been updating my wardrobe
I am so glad to see people getting back to style.
I have always loved your blog. You are the only person as geeky and gay as I am.

Mechadude2001 said...

I enjoy your blog, because it's so true and real. Happy New Year, and many more!

Stan said...

Here's wishing you continued Happiness and success in 2011!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Have a Happy New Year and a great 2011.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

May 2011 be yummy and loving.

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