Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Geeky TV/Movie Moments

The Avengers Assemble - At Comic Con, history was made as the cast of the Avengers was revealed. Plus, it was confirmed that Joss Whedon would direct.

Heroes was Canceled - After broken story lines, too many characters that no one cared about and no sense of direction. Many fans left Heroes, causing NBC to it out of its misery.

Porn Plague - For some reason, the Porn industry start making Superhero porn. Why, I don't know. Let's just hope this end soon.

Remakes Mess - Certain remakes just confirmed that Hollywood waste money and time. Clash of the Titans and Nightmare on Elm Street were completely horrible and stabbed many of us in the geeky eyeballs.

Ianto dies in the best Torchwood story ever!

The new Doctor reigns - Matt Smith stars as the 11th Doctor, bringing in Fish custard and more of the crazy River Song.

DC Comics get real! - DC comics pumped up the news by announcing Green Lantern, Batman 3,  the Wonder Woman TV project and a new Superman flick this year.

Marvel also comes HARD - Along with the Avengers, Marvel has Captain America, Thor and a number of TV projects on the way.

Inception - This movie changed the game!

The Walking Dead - This series was the most talked about series of the year.

The 25th Anniversary of She-Ra - He-Man's Twin sister celebrated her 25th birthday this year.

The announcement of the Buffy remake - This news caused the biggest uproar since Bush was reelected.

The End of Lost - It was big, but many fans hated the ending.


Kyle said...

Great recap V!

Greg said...

Nice recap. I, for one, enjoyed the ending of Lost. I wasn't expecting tons of answers, though quite a few were revealed on the DVD -- they created a short film with Ben and Hurley which was great. The Walking Dead was one of my favorite shows, and I don't mind that they veered a bit from the actual comic books. I think that allowed for more character development and newer stories.

Mechadude2001 said...

Thor and Capt America are so damn hot. Lost was the best thing on tv. I hope Fringe doesn't get cancelled.

by Paisley said...

Can't believe you left out arguably the best moment on 2010's TV screens. The 'newscast' of Russell Edgington following Talbot's death on True Blood.

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