Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chris Brown is an Asshole

Several of my followers on Twitter have been talking about this foolishness from Chris Brown.
In some tiff between Chris and Raz B, Chris tweeted this on Twitter:
Real cute, Chris. You insecurities are singing high notes right now. He tried to apologize, but I ain't hearing it. If you want to know where a lot this comes from, check over Son of Baldwin. He has great info on RazB.


robertga99 said...

UGH! I guess that's another artist that I am deleting all of his music from my Ipod. 50 cent was the first with all of his anti gay bullshit he was spewing on his twitter account.

Mighty Kwan said...

@Robertga99-Fisrt artist I thinkI did that with was Bustah Rhymes. I doubt he'll be the last.

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