Monday, April 17, 2017

Is Rebar NYC Discriminating against People of Color?

Black gay social media is buzzing about this NYC club.

According, several Black men discussed their experiences at Rebar NYC. Check it out:
Recently, there has been discussion across social media surrounding Rebar NYC, the new gay bar in Chelsea (situated in the spot where G Lounge once existed). It was not until just this weekend that we noticed a lot of talk about the venue with regard to its admissions policies and practices.

On numerous accounts, since the hangout spot has opened, there have been accusations of unfair, prejudice and even racist actions on behalf of the establishment. A bit of investigation lead us to multiple users with similar experiences over the span of a week, since the bar opened for business. According to the ongoing discussion surrounding Rebar NYC, the business is telling POC patrons who are waiting in line that capacity has been reached when, in fact, the bar is nowhere near its full occupancy limit. Many have speculated that, actually, the bar had reached its 'black limit.' This, on top of mounting discussions surrounding Rebar NYC's marketing strategy (see picture above) and how the new social venue is attempting to white wash out what little POC presence its predecessor, G Lounge, had.

After catching wind of these disturbing allegations against Rebar NYC, we decided to reach out to their management for a statement. A self identified manager of Rebar NYC said over the phone:

'We have no statement. The situation is not real... We're not going to give it credence at all...'

And when asked to expound upon 'the situation':

'We do not want to expand upon that. If we did, we would do it online.'

Also here's another personal story

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